Srirama Jayam

Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Rame Rame Manorame
Sahasranama Tattulyam Rama Nama Varanane
Lord Siva told Parvathi - "If you chant the name of Lord Sri Rama three times,
it is equivalent to chanting the thousand names of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Sahasranama)."

Sri Rama Koti iPhone App

Sri Rama Koti is a hindu tradition followed by millions of devotees of Lord Rama since ages. Writing the name of Lord Sri Rama repeatedly and chanting His name is believed to be a sure path to eternal happiness and moksha. It is a common practice of devotees to offer their devotion to Lord Rama by writing His name a koti times, that is 10 million times. Sri Rama Koti can be written in any language of choice. Some people write "Sri Rama" and others write "Sri Rama Jayam".

In ancient times, people used to write Sri Rama Koti on palm leaves otherwise known as Taala Patras. Subsequently, people started using paper and pen which has been the only means of writing Sri Rama Koti. Currently, with the latest technology developments, we have attempted to bring the practice closer to people who have an iPhone or iPod. Our intention is to provide the user the same effect as writing Sri Rama Koti and also to retain its sanctity intact.

Who should use this app?
- Anyone who has an iPhone or iPod Touch can use this app.
- Of course, one should also have the urge of starting or continuing to write Sri Rama Koti.
- This app supports English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages. If you want to write in a different language, you can choose English or Hindi and write in the other language.
- Because of its ease of use, people of any age can use this app.

Why should you use this app?
- If keeping a dedicated book and pen to write Sri Rama Koti is difficult but you have the urge to write it, then this app gives you another means of writing Sri Rama Koti.
- If you have difficulty maintaining or acquiring Sri Rama Koti books, you can use this app which provides the same effect as writing in a book.
- The whole family can write Sri Rama Koti on a single device by creating multiple profiles. Also, the count is automatically carried forward when a new device is used with the same user details.
- If you have some time to relax during work hours, this is an ideal app to think of the Lord which gives courage, energy and direction to perform the duties for the rest of the day.

When should you use this app?
Please refer to the "Principles to be observed for writing Sri Rama Koti" below.

How to use this app?
- It's simple! Download the iPhone App from here
- Create your profile, select your language and get started writing Sri Rama Koti.
- Write Sri Rama Koti with your finger, in your preferred language, and in your own hand writing.

You don't have an iPhone?
- No Worries! Please download the SriRamakoti book here in pdf format: Telugu Hindi 
- After downloading, print the book and start writing

About Us
We are a small team of professionals and devotees of Lord Sri Rama. Most of us have been writing Sri Rama Koti for a long time using the Rama Koti books available from temples. Our intention is to bring yet another means of writing Sri Rama Koti to both older and the younger generations.
Please write us an email with any suggestions or feedback at

Principles to be observed for writing Sri Rama Koti

  • ‘Sri Rama Koti’ can be written at any time before meals or after meals, day time or night time whenever one gets free time, but should be clean and pure in body and mind.
  • Recite the mantra "Aapadamapa Hartaram Dataram Sarva Sampadam Lokabhi Ramam Sri Ramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham" before starting to write.
  • The word ‘Sri Ra ma’ is to be written once in the text area prescribed for the same. One should concentrate on writing the divine name only, should not converse with others and should not allow any diversion of mind. One should write with feeling of dedication with hand, heart and mind in unison.
  • While writing ’Sri Rama’ once, one should go on saying ‘Sri Rama’ three times.
  • ‘Sri Rama Koti’ should be written with vigor, pleasure, earnestness and ‘Bhakti Bhava’. One should never feel as if it is a compulsory task thrust upon and should not feel tired on completion of the day’s work. On the other hand one should feel sad for not getting some more time for fulfilling the task. One should be feeling sad for getting interrupted by mundane affairs. One should not feel that somehow the cumbersome task has been completed and got relieved for the day.
  • Care should be taken that the letters should appear fine and legible and should fill the hearts of the onlookers with joy and pleasure. They should not be ugly and horrible to look at. They should be very clear with proper spacing.
  • ‘Sraddha’ and ‘Bhakti’ (Attentive care and devotion) are worthier than mere numbers.
  • Writing of Sri Rama Koti shall be done with selfless mission without any desires in mind. It should be treated as ‘Service to God’ with a pure mind.

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